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Agricultural and Biological Sciences Journal, Vol.1, No.1, Feb. 2015, Pub. Date: Jan. 28, 2015
Effect of Seed Size and Sowing Depth on Germination and Some Growth Parameters of Faba Bean (Viciafaba L.)
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[01] Siddig A. M. Ali, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zalingei, Zalingei, Sudan.
[02] Abdellatif Y. Idris, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zalingei, Zalingei, Sudan.
The present study was undertaken in the Faculty of Forestry Sciences nursery, University of Zalingei in November 2014. The objectives of the study were to investigate the effect of seed size and sowing depth on germination and some growth parameters of faba bean. The treatments consisted of three seed size categories (small, medium and large) and two sowing depths of 5 cm and 10 cm. The treatments were arranged as factorial experiment laid in Randomized Complete Design (RCD) with three replications. The data revealed that very little difference occurred between large and medium seeds. Seed germination and other parameters studied increased as the depth of sowing decreased. The medium seed class and 5 cm sowing depth gave the highest germination percentage (86.7, 80.0%) and seed vigor index (20.7, 18.1) respectively. Large seed size and 5 cm sowing depth produced the highest seedling and root length, seedling and root fresh and dry weight. The statistical analysis indicated that there was no significant effect for the interaction between seed size and sowing depth on all tested parameters.
Seed Size, Sowing Depth, Faba Bean
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