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Agricultural and Biological Sciences Journal, Vol.1, No.4, Aug. 2015, Pub. Date: May 26, 2015
Ecological Evaluation of the Ilisu Nature Reserve Soils in the Azerbaijan Republic
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[01] Gafarbayli Konul Alisafa, Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry of ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan.
The humanity realizes a great significance of bio variety for the evaluation and preservation of the biosphere systems supporting life, is anxious with that bio variety essentially decreases as a result of some human activity kinds. It is necessary to foresee the possibility of the essential reduction or bio variety loss, to protect and remove its reason. Reserve of the biological variety remains one of the main directions in the nature reserve activity departments of the Azerbaijan Republic. As a result of the received measures the special guarding nature zones were extended, their area rises from 478 thousand hectares to the present 876 thousand hectares in 2003. At present this network consisting of 9 national parks, 11 nature reserves and 24 preserves occupies 10, 1 % of the country territory. We performed the researches in the Ilisu State Nature Reserve zone which is situated in the Gakh region on the south slope of the Great Caucasus province in the Republic. At this time the present soil-ecological condition from the Reserve zone, the reserve zone soil map was composed on the basis of the soil cover through investigation; evaluation of the investigative soils was performed by quality; and bonitet scale was established; the special appraisal scales according to the signs appearance degrees were composed for the zone soils; an ecological evaluation of the Ilisu State Reserve soils was conducted and ecological –appraisal map was composed. The consequence are presented the article.
Ilisu State Reserve, Ecological Scale, Environment Factors, Mountain-Forest Brown Soils
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