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American Journal of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geosystems, Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Aug. 3, 2015
Dobrogea: Geography, History, Geopolitics and Geostrategy Past, Present and Perspective
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[01] Romeo Bosneagu, Navigation and Naval Transportation Department, Navigation and Naval Management Faculty, “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy, Constanta, Romania.
As European country and NATO member, Dobrogea assures the interface of Romania with the Southeast of Europe as well as with Near and Far East. Therefore, as a result of the political and military changes from the Black Sea’s basin, the geopolitical and geostrategical importance of this geographical region raised up and in future it will develop more.
Dobrogea, Geography, Romania, Geopolitics, Present, Perspective
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