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American Journal of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geosystems, Vol.5, No.2, Jun. 2019, Pub. Date: Sep. 6, 2019
GIS Based Multi-Criteria Analysis for Urban Green Space Development: A case Study of Daltonganj Town, Jharkhand
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[01] Kuldeep Pareta, Department of Water Resource, DHI (India) Water & Environment Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India.
[02] Upasana Pareta, Department of Mathematics, PG College, District Sagar (Madhya Pradesh), India.
GIS based spatial analysis for urban green space for specific users is very difficult to determine the suitable land resources. City administrators and urban planners have been confronting challenges in providing facilities such as urban green space because of dynamic urban growth pattern and trends. To solve this problem and identification of suitable sites for urban green space, authors have developed a model which based on GIS based multi-criteria analysis (MCA) methods. Several spatial and non-spatial datasets i.e. land use / land cover, population density, road network, river, historical place, urban utilities, park, noise influence, slope, and soil type have been generated from various secondary sources data and satellite remote sensing data in GIS environment for suitable site selection process. By using the above stated data, GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis has been done for suitable site for development of urban green space. Based on GIS-based MCA, 9.26%, 13.67%, and 24.98% of the study area has been identified as highly suitable, moderately suitable, and less suitable for green space development respectively.
Urban Green Space, Remote Sensing, GIS, Multi-Criteria Analysis
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