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American Journal of Business and Society, Vol.5, No.2, Jun. 2020, Pub. Date: Apr. 7, 2020
Construction of Evaluation System of Basic Business Japanese Course Based on JF Can-do Standard
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[01] Wang Jiadong, Department of Foreign Language, Shandong Jiaotong University, Jinan, China.
JF standard is a Japanese learning evaluation standard first published by Japan Foundation in 2010. The special word Can-do is used to express Japanese Proficiency. JF Can-do not only can be used as a reference for the design of Japanese teaching objectives in Colleges and universities, but also can be used to evaluate the teaching effect, reflecting the advanced teaching concept of student-centered and focusing on the improvement of comprehensive language application ability, which is conducive to the cultivation of composite talents more in line with social needs. This standard and evaluation system pay attention to the process evaluation of language acquisition, emphasize the understanding of culture in the actual communication process of Japanese language users, and pay attention to the practicality of Japanese language application itself. This paper introduces the connotation and content of the standard. Business Japanese is not just a course, it is also a major or major field formed with the continuous development of international trade. Its purpose is not simply to raise the level of spoken and written language, but to enable students to master the main links that may be involved in real foreign trade and business activities, taking language as a carrier. Business Japanese teachers generally believe that a qualified graduate of Business Japanese Major can use Japanese for commercial activities, to be proficient in business etiquette, have enough personal business attainment, not be limited to a specific professional domain or business Japanese vocabulary. According to the characteristics that the evaluation standard of Japanese learners is highly consistent with the training goal of the basic Business Japanese course focusing on practical ability, we try to combine the basic Business Japanese course with JF Can-do standard to build a more scientific classroom evaluation system. And on this basis, we can promote the innovation of course content and teaching method, improve the teaching effect, and finally achieve the goal of Training Applied Business Japanese talents.
Evaluation System, Teaching Mode, Business Japanese, JF Can-do Standard
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