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American Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, Vol.3, No.2, Apr. 2017, Pub. Date: Aug. 1, 2017
Miniaturization and Bandwidth Enhancement of a Slot Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Defected Ground Structure
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[01] Sudipta Das, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, IMPS College of Engineering and Technology, Malda, West Bengal, India.
A compact microstrip patch antenna with improved bandwidth is proposed in this paper for applications in wireless communication. The combination of slot loaded patch and defected ground plane provides much improved bandwidth in comparison to a conventional rectangular microstrip patch antenna. Two symmetrical open ended J – shaped slots are introduced on the ground plane of the antenna to improve the operating bandwidth of the proposed antenna and also to reduce the size of the proposed antenna. A -10 dB impedance bandwidth of 3040 MHz ranging from 5.10‒8.14 GHz is achieved, which is 46% around the centre frequency 6.59 GHz. The size of the proposed antenna has been reduced by 92% compared to conventional rectangular microstrip patch antenna. The proposed antenna is suitable for IEEE802.11.a (5.15‒5.35 GHz, 5.725‒5.825 GHz), WiMAX (3.3‒3.7GHz, 5.25‒5.85 GHz), HiperLAN2 (5.47‒5.725 GHz) and HiSWaNa (5.15‒5.25 GHz) wireless application bands.
Bandwidth Enhancement, Defected Ground Plane, Microstrip Patch Antenna, Size Reduction, Wireless Communication
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