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American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering, Vol.2, No.5, Sep. 2016, Pub. Date: Sep. 3, 2016
A Multi-parameter Generating Method for Colored Pencil Rendering
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[01] Shi Xiao Nan, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an, China.
Due to the existing algorithm of pencil drawing mainly focuses on automatically generated the images, and rendering with parameters is researched little. In view of this, it developed a colored pencil drawing rendering algorithm with multi-parameter in this paper. It presented an improved pencil texture generation algorithm by setting 6 parameters for pencil rendering, and using wavelet methods to obtain low frequency image information, after adding white noise and calculated angle matrix, it used motion blur filter to get pencil texture, and formed a White-Black pencil drawing with superimposing of contour, finally it used the three color space conversion of color space integration to generate final colored pencil drawings. The experimental results demonstrate that the algorithm can obtain a satisfactory colored pencil drawing, and keep the color fidelity.
Colored Pencil Drawing, Multi-parameter, Pencil Texture, Motion Blur, Color Space Conversion
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