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American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering, Vol.3, No.6, Nov. 2017, Pub. Date: Oct. 17, 2017
Polynomial-time Algorithm for Determining the Graph Isomorphism
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[01] Anatoly Dmitrievich Plotnikov, Department of Information Systems Safety, Dalh East-Ukrainian National University, Severodonetsk, Ukraine.
The methodology of positioning graph vertices relative to each other to solve the problem of determining isomorphism of two undirected graphs is developed. Based on the position of the vertex in one of the graphs, it is determined the corresponding vertex in the other graph. For the selected vertex of the undirected graph, define the neighborhoods of the vertices are defined. Next, it is constructed the auxiliary directed graph, spawned by the selected vertex. The vertices of the digraph are positioned by special characteristics — vectors, which locate each vertex of the digraph relative the found neighborhoods. This enabled to develop the polynomial-time algorithm for determining graph isomorphism.
Isomorphism, Algorithm, Graph, Graph Isomorphism Problem
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