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American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering, Vol.5, No.2, Jun. 2019, Pub. Date: Apr. 29, 2019
Cloud-Based Platform for Student Developers (Case Study: Computer Science, FUTA)
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[01] Alowolodu Olufunso Dayo, Department of Cybersecurity Science, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria.
Cloud computing is a paradigm that offers massive and scalable use of computational resources at a metered cost hereby reducing overhead. Computing resources are being delivered as a service for effective utilization for a fraction of the cost and Platform-as-a-Service is one of the services provided by the Cloud that enable developers build applications which are specifically meant to run in the cloud on a pay-as-you go service. The number of developers using existing cloud platform for storing, and building their applications are increasing exponentially. In the last few years, there have been many challenges in using this existing platform in terms of their services one of which is programming language dependency. The support offered is just for a particular programming and data model that is specifically designed for developing cloud based applications. The purpose of this research is to develop an effective cloud based platform that can be used by the developers and programmers of Computer Science Department, Federal University of Technology, Akure to host their applications in the Cloud irrespective of the programming languages they might use by enabling universal access to codes. The entire work was implemented using Bootsrap, Html, Css for the Front End and Laravel (Powerful PHP framework) and MySQL was used for the Back End. The System was able to run and scale deployed applications by the students.
Cloud Computing, Platform-as-a-Service, Developers, Applications, Programming Languages
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