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American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering, Vol.1, No.2, Jul. 2015, Pub. Date: Jun. 16, 2015
An Energy Optimizing Model of Mobile Terminal Software Based on BP Neural Network
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[01] Zhengying Cai, College of Computer and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University, YiChang, China.
[02] Tengfei Zhan, College of Computer and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University, YiChang, China.
[03] Liwen Liu, College of Computer and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University, YiChang, China.
Software energy consumption of mobile terminal plays an important role in the continuous duty and stability of mobile business. Here an energy management model is built based on a multi-layer software structure and is described as a multi-variable function of energy consumption. The relation between software characteristics and energy consumption is discussed and analysed. Moreover the paper presents an optimal energy model by BP neural network for mobile software management, and lists the solving steps. The BP neural network can extract the component number from multi-layer software structure to optimize the energy consumption by multi-inputs. Lastly an experiment is designed for illustration and the results verify the proposed model, which can optimize the complex software energy by adaptive neurons and deduce the complexity of energy modelling.
Software Energy, Energy Modelling, BP Neural Network, Mobile Terminal
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