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American Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Vol.4, No.3, Sep. 2018, Pub. Date: Aug. 10, 2018
Technical Analysis of Hydrogen Energy Production
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[01] Tawsif Hossain Chowdhury, Department of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
[02] Riasad Amin, Department of Energy and Environmental Management, Europa-Universität Flensburg, Flensburg, Germany.
[03] Sharif Khoshnaw, Department of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
Hydrogen has a great potential in the near future to be one of the primary energy fuel due to its relatively high energy weight ratio and because it is emission-free at the point of use. There is increasing interest in the use of hydrogen as a means of transportation fuel around the globe. The combustion of hydrogen doesn’t emit any greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. The report aim is to analyse the technical aspect of hydrogen fuel for urban transportation system (hydrogen-powered buses). Hydrogen storage and dispensing unit has been discussed as part of production & distribution. The purpose of this project is to establish a full carbon emission free plant with the integration of renewable energy source (wind energy). Alkaline electrolyser technology has been selected for this project.
Renewable Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Electrolyser, Hydrogen Storage, Wind Energy
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