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Clinical Medicine Journal, Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 29, 2015
Role of Chelating Agent in Acute Copper Sulphate Poisoning: A Case Report
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[01] Alka Chandra, Department of Anaethesiology and Critical Care, Hindurao Hosptial, New Delhi, India.
[02] Dheeraj Narain Agarwal, Department of Anaethesiology and Critical Care, Hindurao Hosptial, New Delhi, India.
[03] Anil Vivek, Department of Anesthesia, Hindurao Hosptial, New Delhi, India.
[04] Umesh Yadav, Department of Medicine, Hindurao Hosptial, New Delhi, India.
Copper sulphate poisoning was one of the commonest mode of poisoning in certain parts of India, but its suicidal ingestion has dramatically decreased over the years. We present a case of copper sulphate poisoning successfully treated by general supportive measures and D-penicillamine.
Copper Sulphate, Poisoning, D-Penicillamine
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