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International Journal of Animal Biology, Vol.1, No.1, Feb. 2015, Pub. Date: Jan. 23, 2015
Determine of Potassium and Phosphorus in the Soil, Feed and Plasma Serum of Sheep Grazing at El-khuwei Locality, West Kordofan, Sudan
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[01] Abdel Moniem M. A. El Hag, Animal Production and Rangeland, Agriculture Research Corporation (ARC), El- Obeid Research Station, Sudan.
[02] A. A. Hassabo, Department of Animal Production, West Kordofan University, El- Nahwed, Sudan.
[03] M. O. Eisa, Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Omdurman Islamic University, Khartoum, Sudan.
[04] A. F. Bakheit Sallam, Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Kordofan, El- Obeid, Sudan.
A study was conducted to determine potassium and phosphorus in the soil, feed and plasma serum of sheep grazing in natural pasture during the flowering and seed setting stage in the year 2014 at El-khuwei locality, west Kordofan State, Sudan. Sampling was done on two stages at flowering and seed setting in selected locations (4km2 each). Within each stage randomly selected randomly collected 60 samples of soil, feed and plasma serum. The data was analyzed used a completely randomized design (CRD). SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) was used for the statistical analysis. Soil concentrations significantly difference (P<0.001) higher potassium K (3.15- 2.51 mg/100g) and phosphorus P (17.37- 11.00 mg/100g) at the flowering stage than that at seed setting stage respectively. Feed were lower potassium K (1.16- 2.09 mg/100g) and phosphorus P (7.17- 16.83 mg/100g) at flowering stage than that at seed setting stage respectively. Blood serum of sheep was highly potassium K (7.77- 6.95mm/l) and phosphorus P (4.72- 4.55 mg/dl) at flowering stage and least at seed setting respectively. It can be concluded that potassium and phosphorus on soil and plasma serum has been reported highly concentrations at the flowering stage than that at seed setting stage. However feed have been reported highly concentrations at seed setting stage and least at the flowering stage.
Stages, Soil, Feed, Plasma, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sheep, Sudan
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