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International Journal of Animal Biology, Vol.4, No.1, Mar. 2018, Pub. Date: Jun. 14, 2018
Complex Research of Ornithofauna in the Kur-Araz Plain of Azerbaijan
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[01] Narmina Abel Gizi Sadigova, Department of Bioecology, Faculty of Ecology and Soil Science, Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan.
The nesting birds have been poorly studied in the anthropogenic Kur-Araz plain of Azerbaijan. The first researches about ornithofauna investigation aren’t favourable to the international standard. In this connection the ornithofauna of the Kur-Araz plain has been investigated and the nesting birds’ bioecological indications have been analysed over 13 parameters. The ornithological characters of the zone are analyzed, a theoretical and practical importance is evaluated, and this assumes a great importance for realization of the tactical measures preparation to protect biological diversity.
Nesting Birds, Ecological Evaluation Parameters, Complex Bioecological Indicators
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