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International Journal of Chemical and Biomolecular Science, Vol.5, No.1, Mar. 2019, Pub. Date: Feb. 13, 2019
Synthesis and Chemical Reaction of 2-Oxazoline 5-Ones Derivatives
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[01] Salha Ali Fatah, Chemistry Department, Sebha University, Taraghun, Libya.
[02] Wafa Khalleefah Amhimmid, Chemistry Department, Azzaytuna University, Tarhuna, Libya.
Owing the wide use of oxazoline compounds as starting materials for the preparation of heterocycles and their uses are still explored and some of wide application for industrial and biological fields, 2-oxazoline nucleus has formed a large number of potentially biologically active molecules on modifications. The synthesis, structures and biological activities of oxazoline derivatives have long been focused of research interest of organic chemists in the field of medicine, due to the potential biological activities exhibited by them. Looking into the medicinal importance of oxazoline moiety, it will be worthwhile to synthesize certain newer derivatives of oxazolines and evaluate them for their biological activities, in this research work we synthesize some new derivatives of oxazoline. Compound 4-benzyliden -2-(4-nitro- phenyl) 4H-oxazol-5-one (2a) was used as starting material which was prepared via the reaction of glycine with p- nitro benzoyl chloride in presence of NaOH followed by the reaction with benzaldehyde in the presence of acetic anhydride and fused sodium acetate the reaction was confirmed by further preparation via the reaction of compound (1) with N, N dimethyl benzaldehyde which yield compound 4-(4-N,N-dimethyl benzyliden) 2-(4-nitro-phenyl)- oxazol-5-one (2b) (scheme 1). Treatment of 4-benzyliden-2-(4-nitro-phenyl)4H-oxazol-5-one (2a) with p-amino phenol afforded 4-benzyliden -1-(4-hydroxy-phenyl-2-(4-nitro phenyl) imidazol-5 one (3).
Oxazoline, Heterocycle, Cyclization, Dehydrating Agents, Heat
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