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International Journal of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Vol.5, No.4, Dec. 2020, Pub. Date: Dec. 24, 2020
Design and Implementation of Software Industry Quality Inspection Service Platform Based on SSM
Pages: 33-40 Views: 845 Downloads: 133
[01] Wei Wang, Beijing Software Testing & QA Center, Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing, China.
[02] Xiujun Wang, Beijing Software Testing & QA Center, Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing, China; Beijing Key Laboratory of Software Testing Technology, Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing, China.
[03] Xiaotong Li, School of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China.
[04] Xinlin Yang, School of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China.
[05] Guanyi Li, School of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China.
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of software products increases rapidly, which also leads to great differences in software quality. At present, the testing process of software products still follows the traditional manual approval and submission. That is, fill in the software product testing authorization letter and testing application form, and submit to the local testing center, and then the local testing center entrusting a third party qualified organization to carry out the testing. This process is often complex and time-consuming, while the software industry product updates and iterates quickly, and the traditional detection service mode is bound to affect the development speed of the industry. Therefore, to simplify the software detection process and improve the timeliness of software detection services has become an urgent problem to be solved. This paper draws lessons from the e-commerce shopping model, constructs a one-stop inspection and testing service platform with software products as the core, and develops a new one-stop comprehensive service model. To promote the software inspection service of the quality inspection organization online. The realization of the software industry standards, measurement, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation of information connectivity interaction. The traceability of the whole detection process can be realized to ensure the transparency of the detection process and improve the development quality of the software industry. Based on SSM framework, this platform applies Redis system to build database, and realizes high-performance retrieval by virtue of Solr technology, which can meet instantaneous mass user access. By testing the business logic and stability of the system, all the indicators meet the expected requirements. The system can be widely used in quality inspection institutions.
SSM, Software Quality Inspection Service, Redis, Solr
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