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International Journal of Education and Information Technology, Vol.3, No.3, Sep. 2018, Pub. Date: Sep. 4, 2018
The Quality Evaluation of Superior Graduation for a Real Development in Faculties of Engineering
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[01] Sara Nada, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economy & Political Sciences, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.
[02] Mohamed Hamed, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt.
A real 5-year educational model from applied science universities is chosen for a Faculty of Engineering in Egypt based on low student density in either lecture or practice as a ratio to the educators. The nature and characteristics of the model would be explained. The courses are classified into three groups as basic sciences as well as general engineering courses besides the thin specialty courses. The overall distribution for the degree of graduation for surpassing level students is deduced. The first three highest superior positions between all students for different fields of study are investigated according to their final grades. The sample is tested for seven years of ceremony to reach the graduation grade growth where the interior characteristics for the years of study (Excluding the primary year) is investigated. The complementary vision for the model has been achieved while the third position of graduation is appeared as a limit for the superior students. The percentage distribution for the courses of first three superior students is numerically derived within the test period of study. The statistical mean level of the surpassing for the three positions is analyzed according to the deduced conclusive results and so, the total mean vision has been deduced as an average for the motion of surpassing system. It is concluded that the honor degree may be canceled, and the concept of examinations should be always modified.
Engineering Education Development, Graduation Evaluation, Surpassing Analysis, Grades Distribution, College Students, Statistical Mean
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