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International Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.2, No.2, Apr. 2016, Pub. Date: Feb. 24, 2016
Demonstration of Biomagnetic Responses of Paired Human Hair Follicles Using Nano-sized Iron Particles Solutions: Inhibition of Diamagnetic Crystallization
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[01] Abraham A. Embi, Cardiology Department, Cedars University of Miami Hospitals, Miami, USA.
[02] Benjamin J. Scherlag, Heart Rhythm Institute, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, USA.
Introduction: In previous studies a solution of nano-sized iron particles mixed with Prussian Blue Stain (PBSFe2000) in the presence of a human hair, was used to demonstrate the inherent electromagnetic forces emanating from the hair follicles. Further studies also showed that the magnetic activity of both inanimate (magnet fragment) and the human hair follicle triggered either ferro or ferric cyanide crystalllization in a single open slide preparation (SSP). Methods: Single or pairs of freshly plucked human hairs from the forearm of the authors were placed on a clean glass slide. The paired hairs were arranged with the follicles facing each other. The SSP is an open air technique where one drop of either PBSFe2 (diamagnetic) or PBSFe3 (paramagnetic) was placed to cover the single or paired hair follicles. The solution was then allowed to evaporate and images recorded. Results: When hair follicles were placed in close proximity and covered with the diamagnetic solution there was an absence of crystals formation surrounding each follicle. Conversely when hair follicles were placed in close proximity and covered with the paramagnetic solution, both hairs showed a normal crystallization pattern seen in each follicle. Conclusion: When two hair follicles were placed opposite one another but in close proximity the diamagnetic PBSFe2 solution showed inhibition of crystallization in the proximity of the follicles similar to that seen when the same solution was applied to the single pattern as seen in a single individual hair SSPs. No changes in crystallization patterns were observed between single and paired follicles with the paramagnetic PBSFe3.
Biomagnetism, Hair Follicles, Crystallization, Nano-sized Iron Particles, Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism, Opposing Bioelectromagnetism, Atracting Bioelectromagnetism
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