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International Journal of Preventive Medicine Research, Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 11, 2015
Potential Health Effects of Noise Among Plant Workers at Aluminum Industry in Dubai, UAE
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[01] Hussein H. Y., Health Affairs Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[02] Al Faisal W., Health Affairs Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[03] Al Marashdah A. M., Health Centers Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[04] El Sawaf E. M., Health Centers Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[05] Wasfy A. S., Research and Statistics department, Ministry of Health, Dubai, UAE.
Background: It is estimated that about 600 million workers are exposed to workplace noise worldwide. The WHO estimates that approximately 15% of the workers in developed countries are exposed to noise levels which are harmful to hearing. Objectives: To study some of potential health hazards among plant workers at aluminum industry due to exposure to worksite noise. Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted in Dubai Aluminum Company Limited (DUBAL). All workers in DUBAL were targeted in the study. The sample size was calculated by using computer program EPI-Info version “6.04”. The sample size was 400 workers with 100% response rate. Stratified random sampling technique was used. Two groups were selected according to noise level exposure. An interview questionnaire was designed for collection of data. Results: Plant workers showed significantly higher blood pressure level than administration group whether systolic (127.37 + 12.01 mmHg and 123.85 + 15.13 mmHg respectively) or diastolic (81.92 + 8.85 mmHg and 79.66 + 9.75 mmHg respectively). The two groups also differ significantly in the mean total cholesterol level (203.62 + 38.52 mmHg and 189.08 +32.94 mmHg respectively) and LDL (134.2 + 36.71 and 122.58 + 35.67 respectively). There was significantly higher pulse rate among the high exposure group (77.37 + 15.02 beats/min) than among the moderately high exposure group (72.47 + 13.82 beats/min) and the low exposure group (70.21 + 11.96 beats/min). Conclusions: Headache and pulse rate were related to the level of noise exposure at work site. Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic), total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein were all related to the place of work. Injury at work site was higher among workers exposed to noise compared with the administration departments with an apparent higher frequency of injury among workers in areas with high level of noise exposure in contrast to the low noise exposure category. Recommendations: Technical control of the problem along with admistrative control and Awareness for the workers has to be developed in an integrated health prevention and control program.
Noise, Plant Workers, Aluminum Industry, Dubai
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