International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications
Journal Introduction
International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications is a peer-reviewed, open access, bimonthly, international journal, which is aimed to provide a publication forum for important research in all aspects of modern physics and applications. Scholars from all relevant academic fields are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts on modern physics and applications. Papers will be published shortly after acceptance.
Aims and Scope
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Complex Systems Physics
Computational Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Cosmology and Early Universe
Earth and Planetary Sciences
General Relativity
High Energy Astrophysics
High Energy/Accelerator Physics
Instrumentation and Measurement
Interdisciplinary Physics
Materials Sciences and Technology
Mathematical Physics
Mechanical Response of Solids and Structures
Micro and Nano-Mechanics and Homogeneization
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Statistical Mechanics
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Physics of Nanostructures
Plasma Physics
Quantum Mechanical Developments
Quantum Theory
Relativistic Astrophysics
String Theory
Superconducting Physics
Theoretical High Energy Physics
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