International Journal of Mathematics and Computational Science
Editorial Board
Public Science Framework operates a group of scholarly journals, covering Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Energy, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences & Biology, Materials Science, Medicine & Public Health and other fields. Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Editorial Members along with the editors determine which work is of quality and significance. Due to extensive readership, the research and scholarship presented will ultimately have an impact on literacy in classrooms, nationally and internationally. Once you become one of our Editorial Members, your name will be listed on the journal’s webpage afterwards and the confirmation letter will be sent to you as you request.
Editorial Members should:
1. Only accept invitations to review work that is relevant to their own expertise and specialty.
2. Review submitted work in a responsible, impartial and timely manner.
3. Report any suspected ethical misconduct as part of a thorough and honest review of the work.
4. Avoid the use of unnecessarily inflammatory or offensive language in their appraisal of the work.
5. Seek advice from the editor if anything is unclear at the time of invitation.
6. Accept the commitment to review future versions of the work and provide 'follow up' advice to the editor(s), if requested.
7. Remain in good communication with both the publisher and the editor.
1. Have a strong interest in scholarly journal.
2. Possess a doctoral degree in the specific subject related closely to the journal.
3. Hold a job at a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position.
4. Be fluent in academic and professional English.
5. Work quickly and accurately to tight deadlines.
How to apply?
If you are interested in serving as our editorial members kindly join us through our website system:
Any questions, just contact us at e-mail address
MA 02210, USA
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