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American Journal of Food Science and Health, Vol.6, No.2, Jun. 2020, Pub. Date: Apr. 29, 2020
Effectiveness of Homemade and Commercialised Egg White Mask Amongst Medical Students of Melaka Manipal Medical College – A Parallel Randomized Controlled Study
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[01] Chean Ker Wei, Faculty of Medicine, Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Muar, Malaysia.
[02] Farrah Elida Binti Zanuldin, Faculty of Medicine, Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Muar, Malaysia.
[03] Vanessa Raj a/p Pitchai, Faculty of Medicine, Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Muar, Malaysia.
[04] Deeviya a/p Surukumaran, Faculty of Medicine, Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Muar, Malaysia.
[05] Ilman Bin Imran, Faculty of Medicine, Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Muar, Malaysia.
The high protein content in egg whites is one of the more essential components which makes it favourable for hair and skin treatment as protein is known for skin tightening and the ability to diminish oil on the skin. Apart from containing high levels of hyaluronic acid and hydrosylate enzyme, egg whites also contain vitamins and minerals which help in improving the skin’s overall appearance. Hence, various cosmetic companies are producing egg whites products especially in the form of facial masks as egg whites have become one of the epitomes of beauty. A randomized controlled trial was conducted and 50 students were randomized into intervention group (n=25) where they received homemade egg white mask for two consecutive days and into control group (n=25) where they received commercialized egg white mask for two consecutive days. Evaluation of oiliness of skin was done before and after masks application in both groups by means of questionnaires and blotting paper tests. Unpaired t test was used for analysis. There was no significant difference in skin oiliness between the intervention group (homemade egg white mask) and the control group (commercialized egg white mask) after the application of both types of mask. However, participants in the group received homemade egg white mask for two consecutive days shows a significant difference in skin oiliness before and after appliation of mask. On the other hand, participants in the group received commercialised egg white mask for two consecutive days shows no significant difference in skin oiliness between before and after applying the commercialized egg white mask. Participants in the group received homemade egg white mask had given a positive feedback regarding signifivant increased in smoothness and reduction in pore size of the facial skin. Nevertheless, we also studied the effects of homemade and commercialised egg white mask on overcoming other dermatological problems such as blackheads, acnes and acne scars, pigmentations as well as pain from existing acnes. Homemade egg white mask gives a positive result to most of the dermatological problems mentioned in our study. In a nutshell, homemade egg white masks pose a good effect on the overall facial skin health. Egg whites are a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are beneficial for the skin. By including homemade egg white masks into skin care routine, it is proven to be a potent skin rejuvenating and smoothening agent.
Randomised Controlled Trial, Egg Whites, Mask, Face Mask, Homemade Mask, Commercialised Mask
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