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International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications, Vol.1, No.2, May 2015, Pub. Date: Apr. 22, 2015
Space-Time Relationships and Thermal Effects in Centrifugal Field
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[01] Alexei Maftuleac, Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
Proceeding from the equivalence of gravitational and centrifugal fields, and using the findings of Einstein's theory of gravitation, there were calculated values of relative time dilation and thermal effects caused by compression of samples during centrifugation. The results obtained for the same experimental conditions have been compared, and there has been suggested an idea that there is some correlation between proper time and the thermal effects of the centrifuged samples. This correlation justifies the utilization of energy equivalent of the time. The relative time dilation also depends on other factors, such as the pressure and density of the liquid sample; this one has been substantiated by the respective formulas.
Centrifugation, Centrifugal Field, Time Dilation, Thermal Effects, Energy-Time Equivalent
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