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Industrial and Systems Engineering, Vol.2, No.4, Jul. 2017, Pub. Date: Sep. 18, 2017
Innovation and Co-evolution in Stock Market Trading
Pages: 36-48 Views: 1689 Downloads: 526
[01] Chandrika Kadirvel Mani, Data Scientist, Singapore, Singapore.
The stock market trading has undergone various innovations by co-evolving with the inventions in the information and communications technology (ICT). This paper, quantifies the impact of ICT in the stock market in various countries by empirical analysis, demonstrates the ICT driven disruptive business model (IDBM) in the context of stock market and also the growth of stock markets in selected countries with and without consolidated challenges of social demand (CCSD).
Stocks, Principle Component Analysis, Regression, ICT, Information and Communications Technology, Stock Market, Disruptive Business Model, Innovation, Co-evolution, Trading, Social Demand
[03] Karen Kunz & Jena Martin, “Into the Breech: The Increasing Gap between Algorithmic Trading and Securities Regulation”.
[15] Ref: Chapter 11, Global Exchanges in the HFT Nexus of Handbook on High Frequency Trading.
MA 02210, USA
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