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Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.1, No.4, Sep. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 10, 2015
Causes and Effects of Violence in Nigerian Prisons
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[01] Ogadimma Chukwubueze Arisukwu, Department of Sociology, College of Business and Social Sciences, Landmark University Omu, Aran Kwara State, Nigeria.
[02] Adejumo Yinka Philip, Nigerian Prisons, Ibadan, Nigeria.
[03] Festus Femi Asamu, Department of Sociology, College of Business and Social Sciences, Landmark University Omu, Aran Kwara State, Nigeria.
Violence in one form or the other is not restricted to a section of human communities. Individuals, groups and even nations experience violence of various kinds. The nature of struggle over values, interests, power, ideology and resources of different kinds necessitates the occurrence of violence in human life (Albert, 2000). Prison communities are not far from other human communities that experience violence peculiar to their social environment. Prison violence destroys human lives (inmate and prison personnel) and property worth millions of naira in Nigeria. The incessant prison violence and jail breaks in Nigeria have created a negative image for the country. However, the lack of adequate research to reveal the causes of prison violence and jail breaks in Nigeria has made control difficult and impacted negatively in the relevance of prison in Nigeria. Three major research instruments were used to collect the qualitative data for this study. In-depth interview guide (IDI), Focus group discussion (FGD) and non-participatory observation were used to obtain data for the study. The study was conducted at Agodi prison yard, Ibadan Oyo state Command Secretariat, CP quarters Jericho Ibadan, Oyo Prisons, and Ogbomosho farm centre. Other secondary sources of data include text books, journals and newspapers. The researcher consulted legal practitioners and non-governmental organizations that operate within the prisons. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive and content analysis. The study adopted relative deprivation and frustration and aggression theories. The study revealed that high profile inmates spear head violence in Nigeria prison. Government negligence, deteriorating facilities and overcrowding caused inmates to protest. Poor prison management style and corrupt practices by prison officials equally led to prison violence. The study concluded that to achieve effective management of the prison and reduce prison violence, both the government and the prison management must take their responsibilities seriously. Prison officials must be trained adequately on how to prevent and manage prison violence constructively.
Negligence, Poor Management, Prison Violence, Nigeria
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