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Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.1, No.1, Mar. 2015, Pub. Date: Apr. 6, 2015
Tesho: The Traditional Way of Preventing Pre-Marital Sex Among Yoruba People
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[01] Ojo Matthias Olufemi Dada, Department of Sociology, Crawford University of the Apostolic Faith, Mission, Igbesa, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Pre-marital sex is a social problem in every society of the world which causes other social problems like: teenage pregnancy, abortion, abandoned children, spread of sexually transmitted diseases and other health challenges in the society. Many solutions have been provided to solve the problem of pre-marital sex but none can be guaranteed to have provided total solution to the problem. There is, therefore, a need to look inward into the traditional way of solving the problem. Tesho is a traditional way of preventing pre-marital sex among the Yoruba people of South-Western part of Nigeria. Types of Tesho were examined in this article and various ways of applying them on young unmarried girls were explained. The ways through which Tesho works were mentioned and the adverse effects of its application and how the effects can be prevented were discussed. It is argued that application of Tesho would prevent pre-marital sex, rape and the infections of sexually transmitted diseases among young unmarried girls in our society. Research surveys on whether Tesho should be applied on young unmarried girls or not to be applied are recommended.
Pre-marital Sex, Young Unmarried Girls, Traditional Way, Social Problem and Tesho
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