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Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.1, No.1, Mar. 2015, Pub. Date: Mar. 31, 2015
Human Trafficking in the South Asian Region: SAARC’s Response and Initiatives
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[01] Chanchal Kumar, Department of Political Science, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi, India.
Human trafficking is considered to be a serious violation of human security. Causes that contribute to human trafficking are commonly believed to be related to poverty, globalization and economic disparities among countries. Human trafficking is the modern equivalent to slavery. It presents a dangerous threat to the human rights and human dignity of many people each year. Despite this, it remains one of the least understood forms of transnational crime, with major gaps existing in both the data on the prevalence of the problem, as well as gaps in the ability of legislators to properly address the problem in their respective countries. Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights because of the involuntary manner in which trafficked victims are recruited, entrapped, transported and subsequently subjected to the exploitation and abuses inherent in the act.
Human Trafficking, Human Security, Women Security, South Asia, SAARC
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