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Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.6, No.3, Sep. 2020, Pub. Date: Sep. 24, 2020
Study on the Mathematical Simulation Teaching in China
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[01] Zezhong Yang, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, China.
[02] Chunge Shi, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, China.
Simulation teaching, as a new teaching method to cultivate teachers' professional talents, is more and more applied in the field of mathematics education, which plays an important role in guiding students to combine teaching theory with practice. In this paper, the literature research method is used to the study, the author summarized and sorted out the previous research on mathematical simulation teaching, and drew the following conclusions: (1) At present, domestic studies mainly focus on the meaning and purpose of simulation teaching, the implementation status of simulation teaching, the analysis of simulation teaching effect and the problems and countermeasures of simulation teaching. Although the number of previous studies is small, the basic study problems have been involved, there is a certain foundation. (2) There are some deficiencies in previous studies. For example, the previous study methods and study content need to be further expanded. (3) There are some gaps in the research of this subject, such as the lack of a unified, scientific evaluation model to highlight the implementation of simulation teaching effect and significance; We should also explore some measures to improve the implementation of mathematical simulation teaching in addition to teaching professional skills, such as strengthening the study of theoretical knowledge of simulation teaching, starting from educational institutions and departments to explore measures that are conducive to expanding the implementation scope of simulation teaching and improving efficiency. Therefore, future research must adopt more scientific research methods, further expand the scope of research and explore suggestions to improve the efficiency of mathematical simulation teaching in many aspects to make the future research more in-depth and comprehensive.
Mathematics, Simulation Teaching, Teaching Skills
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