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Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.1, No.3, Jul. 2015, Pub. Date: Jun. 2, 2015
Why Ukrainians are Ready to Give Their Lives for Democratic Future of Their Country (History of Ukrainian Democracy)
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[01] Olena Babinova, Charles University in Prague, Department of Political Science, Visiting Researcher, Prague, Czech Republic.
Current situation in Ukraine raises many questions about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Who are the Ukrainians? What are the differences between Ukrainians and Russians? Why Ukrainians are ready to give their lives for democracy? And why they have so strong desire to live in democratic society in general? The history of Ukraine and Ukrainians is giving the answers on these questions. All countries on the territory of current Ukraine had strong democratic approaches in governance. Wide public participation in decision-making was the basis on which was built Ukrainian mentality and the state formation in general. Democracy was the main form of government on the territory of current Ukraine from many millenniums B.C. Historical analysis is showing that the striving of Ukrainians for freedom and democracy is the basis of their mentality. History shows that as soon as the state began to pressure on Ukrainian freedoms, the mass citizens’ discontents and struggle for democracy and in some cases for independence immediately started. Historical analysis resulted that Ukrainians cannot live in nondemocratic state, without protected human rights and democracy.
Democracy, Public Participation, Public Meetings, Ukraine
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