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American Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, Vol.1, No.5, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 23, 2015
Role of Monetary Policy During Crisis
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[01] Madhusudhanan S., Consultant, Government of India, New Delhi, India.
The recent Economic Crisis which was also called as “Sub Prime Crisis” or “Global Financial Crisis” has started way back at the end 2007. It was first started as “Sub Prime Crisis” in U.S.A. later spread all over the world as Global Financial Crisis”. The Global Crisis plays a vital role in the modern economics; which not only explained the importance of the policy framework in an economy, but, also showed us how far an economy potent to face or withstand a crisis. In this paper we are going to see what is mean by Sub Prime Crisis, how it started, its impacts on BRIC economics, Impact of crisis on the Indian Economy and Lessons to be learned. Any economy needs an appropriate Monetary Policy to withstand any financial turmoil. This paper ends with a concluding remark that Policy is meant for Growth and not for Impairment”.
Sub Prime Crisis, Global Financial Crisis, Monetary Policy, India
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