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American Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, Vol.4, No.3, Sep. 2018, Pub. Date: Aug. 31, 2018
Good Management Imperatives for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
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[01] John Nkeobuna Nnah Ugoani, College of Management and Social Sciences, Rhema University, Aba, Nigeria.
Bad management and high level corruption can be blamed for a situation in Nigeria where school children who are the leaders of tomorrow learn under poor conditions. This twin problem is also directly responsible for the high rates of poverty and unemployment that constitutes a hindrance to sustainable development. Good management involves reducing corruption and improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of both the private and public sectors which provide the key for accelerated growth and sustainable development. The exploratory research design was used for the study and it was found that good management is critical for sustainable development in Nigeria. This result supports the earlier report of Mauro that if a country improves its corruption score by 2:38 points, its annual per capita GDP growth rises by more than half a percentage point. On the basis of this result, it is expected that government at all levels should institutionalize the culture of good management for the prosperity of the nation. This is the interest of the study.
Good Management, Good Corporate Governance, Sustainable Management, Transparency, Accountability
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