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Physics Journal, Vol.1, No.3, Nov. 2015, Pub. Date: Nov. 12, 2015
Analytical Investigation of Triple-Material Cylindrical Gate-Surrounded (TM-CGS) MOSFETs with High-KMaterial Oxide
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[01] M. Jouri, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran.
[02] M. H. Shahrokh Abadi, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran.
An analytical model for the short channel cylindrical / surrounding gate MOSFET based on the solution of Poisson’s Equation in the parabolic approximation of the potential along the radial axis is presented in this work. Three different electrodes, having different work-functions, and three different high-k dielectric materials have been used as thegate contacts and the gate oxides, respectively, to prevent direct tunneling leakage current in the device. The center and the surface potential models have been obtained by solving the 2-D Poisson’s equation in the cylindrical coordinate system. The effects of physical parameters such as cylinder diameter, oxide thickness, gate length ratio, natural length of the center potential, and sub-threshold swing have been investigated in the device by using MATLAB simulator. The results show that introducing triple high-k material can modify the impact of drain-induced barrier lowering, DIBL. A significant decrease in the center potential due to applying different gate oxides has been observed and compared to those with single oxide film.For further verification of the results, a calibrationapproach for the device performance has been also taken into account.
MOSFET, Gate Surrounded, Poisson’s Equation, Short Channel Effect, Drain Induced Barrier Lowering, Subthreshold Swing
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